Why your business needs a website.

Why Do I Need A Website?
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You are doing business in the dark if your business is without website in this day and age. It is like not having a mobile phone. And as we all know, that will make it very difficult for people to get in touch with you. I don’t need to remind you that we are in the 21st century. So having business website is a great booster to your business. Read on as we outline at least ten solid reasons why your business needs a website:

A Business Website Is Marketing Tool

First of all, a website is number one marketing tool at your disposal. You may say “Aaah, but I am on Facebook”. That is true but as you may be aware, Facebook is making it harder for businesses to connect with users on the platform without paying for advertisement. A well optimised SEO website will make people find you quickly when they need your services. You can actually drive traffic there with your posts thereby gaining more customers.

Boost your Credibility with a Business Website

Secondly, Credibility is another reason why you need a website. As a business, having a website alone improves drastically you credibility. How do you feel when you ask a business owner for email and you get something like instead of the generic gmail or yahoo mail. This boost your credibility instantly. In fact when filling some application forms as a business owner, you are required to input business emails instead of the generic ones. Most people search for businesses online to determine their credibility. So get a website and improve your credibility.

Websites Showcase Your Business

Again, you can clearly showcase your business in anyway on your website. There is no restriction as to how and what you can display on your website so far as you don’t break any laws. By this, people get to know your business very well and are up to date with all the happenings regarding your business.

A website is the Business Window

You Control The Content Of Your Website

The fourth reason why you need a website is to control the content. You display the best reviews and testimonials on your website. This means you can actually project your business in the best way possible. You get to decide what the public should see and what they should not see. This help a lot in marketing your business in the best possible way. People tend to form all the positive opinions on your business. While you can quickly contact the people with problems for resolve when they leave a bad review of your business.

People Use You Website To Get In Touch With You

Next, a website is a great tool for people who want to get in touch with you quickly to get your contact. There are times you heard of a business and want to get in touch with it but do not know how. In such situations, people normally conduct a simple search online and if your business have a website, it just pops up like that.

To Answer Frequently Asked Questions

The sixth point is that through a website, you are able to answer simple questions about your business without having to be repeating the same answers to all who would be asking you the same question repeatedly. Your website gives opportunity to people to read all they need to know about your business. So when they decide to contact you, they are doing that with conviction that they like your products or services.

Greatest Asset

Available 24/7

Moreover, you are still available during times when businesses are close down. Just like the Covid-19 pandemic we all find ourselves in, businesses may be close down physically but those who have online presence through websites still continue to operate. This is the best time in all times to own a website for your business because it just complements your physical presence and drive market to you. We are becoming so used to the online life since it is becoming relatively safer to do that. So if your business’ online presence is weak in this times, you are not yet in business.

Take Your Business Global

Furthermore, with a website, though you start your business locally, you quickly operate globally. It is practically very easy to start an international business these days with a simple website. This is so especially if your business is the type that provide services that doesn’t require physical presence. Websites are not limited by geographical boundaries. Whiles you are sleeping, people are awake at other parts of the world. Only through your website can you reach all this people as potential customers of your business. Through this, you can quickly compete with even bigger and stronger businesses in your niche since through your website, you have level the playing field.

Business Website Can Be Easily Integrated

The ninth point here is that a website can easily be integrated with a lot of technology and platforms with ease making the operation of your business a lot easier. You can integrate your website with Google map to make people quickly locate you and come to where your business is located. Also you can add blog posts to your site to post articles relating to your business there. You can also integrate some bookkeeping or record keeping functions on your site making it easier to reference past transactions and so much more.

Cheap to get one at ES Consult

The importance of a website in this age cannot be over emphasized. Lastly however, it is much easier and cheaper to own a website. You may think getting a website is such a luxury that will cost you a fortune but that’s not so. It is actually very affordable. Just contact ES Consult and you will get a well-functioning website running in no time with just a fraction of the amount you will have to pay elsewhere.

Let me end by quoting that “Running a business without a website is like skydiving without a parachute”. I believe you know the outcome. Crash landing becomes inevitable!

Ernest D. K. Amedzro

Website make your small business look big.


  1. Very well said. In fact I’ve been thinking of getting a website for my business. I will soon contact you for one.

  2. Thank you for the sensible critique. Me and my neighbor were just preparing to do some research on this. We got a grab of a book from our region library but I believe I learned much more clear from this post. Im extremely glad to see such outstanding info being shared freely out there.

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